WORKING ART – Bodypainting meets Buisness

…is a photo-art series are represented quite new to the profession with artistic imagery. There are real companies and authentic venues confidently with integrated, so that a new symbiosis between market economy and art is created.

As early as 2011. It developed the idea WORKING ART. The aim should be Bodypainting Photo results that do not exist in this compactness so. Artist and photographer can create unique photo series where professionals of any kind are pictorially represented in their typical individual characteristics and thereby explain himself, but always with the additional visual medium body painting. They do not commit yourself, in what way the model is involved in the scene, let all freedom. Once the model is an integral part, another time the main character.

The other feature is that real companies and enterprises, from independent freelancers to large institutions are involved and become active personnel involved in the creative process. This includes the respective occupational localities.

Apart from the free own work book now more and more companies from various sectors, the team of artists to their respective topic individually and in a special way. To make way set the scene, working with great dedication to this art project. Alternatively, they acquire existing designs and get so special images for personal use, for example, for advertisement or marketing activities and thus make positive attention.

Thus, the project successfully builds the gamut from art to a market economy.



Bodypainting: Jörg Düsterwald

Photographer: Tschiponnique Skupin
31832 Springe, Flentjenburg 1
Tel.: 05044-2196017
mobil: 0162-7025480

Assistenz: Maria Skupin


All Copyrights by Jörg Düsterwald & Tschiponnique Skupin

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