NATURE ART is the series of paintings of the German Bodypainting artist Jörg Düsterwald from Hameln and the photographer Tschiponnique Skupin. Therein the two bodies Art in conjunction with natural motifs.

In the photo opportunities various nature scenes serve as a backdrop to people back in my body painting with corresponding poses in the right light. The artistic painting and the model the focus of the respective overall image remain. It becomes clear how diverse may be this particular art form that successfully for over 20 years engaged in the Body Painter. Again and again, new ideas are developed, but also interpreted old designs new.
The result is a symbiosis of painting, environment and photography, which impressively documented the series NATURE ART. Numerous projects and photo series of the artist demonstrate the broad repertoire, which has been documented in many exhibitions, publications and usages of motives.

Every year bring Düsterwald and Skupin out a high-quality large-format calendars, and several works of art are available as prints. The images NATURE ART can be immortalized in this way.



Bodypainting: Jörg Düsterwald

Photographer: Tschiponnique Skupin
31832 Springe, Flentjenburg 1
Tel.: 05044-2196017
mobil: 0162-7025480

Assistant: Maria Skupin


All Copyrights by Jörg Düsterwald & Tschiponnique Skupin

Top! © Jörg Düsterwald & Tschiponnique Skupin 2016 (supported by PC Notdienst Hameln/Germany)
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